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If you send out newsletters or other information to your clients or customers, consider sending them out with professional formatting.(Here are some samples.) There are a couple advantages of having a professionally designed and -mailed newsletter, including

  • a more professional look for your newsletter
  • compliance with federal CAN-SPAM laws
  • ability to authenticate e-mails, and increase deliverability automatic maintenance of your mailing list, including an ability to easily forward the newsletter (and to subscribe if you are not already a subscriber)
  • ability to automatically list on your website links to your current and past newsletters
  • ability to access the newsletter through an e-mail client (e.g., Outlook) or simply a browser
  • ability to view an automatically generated translation of the newsletter.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss the options available. If you don't already have a regular newsletter, I am available to help you design, compose, and/or edit one.

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